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The Importance of Prostate Cancer Exercises

Prostate cancer treatment can cause many side effects, but the good news is that gentle daily exercise can help. Studies have been done on men with and without prostate cancer and the findings are in favor of regular exercise.

The study concluded that men who exercise regularly slightly lower their risk of getting prostate cancer to begin with. It also found that men with prostate cancer who do regular activity have a better rate of survival. Men with prostate cancer who exercise around 3 hours a week have a substantially better survival rate.

So the results are clear for men with prostate cancer, exercise can save your life.

The treatment for prostate cancer can have many affects on your body, in particular your muscle mass. Muscle mass which has been affected by hormone treatment can be improved using exercise and strength training. Osteoporosis also benefits from exercise.

Prostate cancer surgery can cause urinary incontinence and Kegel exercises prior to surgery as well as afterwards can help train the pelvic floor muscles to assist with controlling urinary incontinence. The PREP kit contains everything you need for a successful prostate cancer exercise regimen.

Be sure to contact a health professional to ensure any new exercise is suitable for your fitness level and your situation.

Kegel Exercises (Strengthening the Pelvic-Floor Muscles)

Your pelvic floor muscles are situated near your pubic bone and continue back to your tailbone and underneath your prostate. The hammock like structure of this muscle group hold up your bladder, prostate and your rectum. Sometimes they are damaged during the prostate cancer surgery and this can lead to loss of control of the muscles.

Preparing well by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles prior to surgery gives you a better chance at recovering quickly and regaining bladder control. If you find you are leaking urine during your Kegel exercises, speak to a health professional as it’s possible you are doing them incorrectly.

The importance of Prostate Cancer Exercises After Surgery

Once your catheter is removed and your doctor has given you the go ahead, you can begin doing your pelvic floor exercises again. These exercises outlined in the PREP pack are specific prostate cancer exercises which have been designed to give you the maximum benefit. These exercises can be done in your own home.

After you have been doing the exercises from the PREP kit, you will notice your urine leakage gradually decreasing as the muscles strengthen following surgery. You will also notice that you can wait longer to urinate and can hold it in without leaking.

The PREP kit is designed by Heath Prentice specifically for men to perform prostate cancer exercises at home. Contact us for any queries or order directly from our website. Our delivery is discreet.

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