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Prostate Cancer Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate cancer erectile dysfunction occurs when a man has difficulty achieving an erection following prostate surgery. Erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotence is a situation where a man’s penis does not achieve sufficient hardness to perform intercourse.

This problem is experienced by many men who undergo prostate cancer surgery and the length of time the dysfunction goes on is different for every man.

Some men are affected for a month, and others for a year. Your ability to achieve erection prior to the operation will have a bearing on how easily you achieve erection after the surgery. If you had problems achieving erection prior to prostate cancer surgery, the surgery will not improve your ability.

Also, how close your prostate cancer was located to the nerve bundles which control erection, as well as your age will also play a part in the length of time you are unable to achieve an erection for post-surgery.

These nerves are located on both sides of your prostate and if your cancer is located far enough away from this nerve bundle, your nerves may be spared during the operation.

In this case your ability to achieve erection post-surgery is increased.

There are treatments available for erectile dysfunction and the PREP kit is an important part of your recovery. There are also some lifestyle changes which can improve your erection. Regular exercise, eating healthy food and cutting down on alcohol are simple ways you can improve your health, and your erection. If you are a smoker, we recommend you cut down or quit to improve your chances of returning to full health.

Keeping your stress under control can have a significant impact on your ability to ‘get in the mood’. Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is stressful and treatments take their toll on your body, so it’s important to keep exercising gently to keep your stress at bay.

The PREP Kegel exercises are an ideal way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which are the muscles which support your bladder and bowel and help you with erections. Your pelvic floor muscles are very important to improve if you have prostate cancer erectile dysfunction. The PREP range of exercises are designed specifically for men with prostate cancer.

Please contact us for any information on exercising for your prostate.

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